Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beach Day and Campfire

So after too many months of being frustrated because my pictures just wouldn't load when I did actually sit down to write a post, I decided to try again.  I had to resize all the pics I am using first, but that extra step did the trick.  Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our crazy life with two very imaginative little girls.
Oh, and as you will notice, about a month after my last post (Maya's haircut) Katie decided she needed a change too.  She grabbed a fistfull of hair on the side of her head and CHOP CHOP she made herself a duster.  So she is now sporting a pixie cut.


So the girls every once in a while decide to go to the beach...aka our bedroom.  They flip the blankets on the floor and voila - a beach.  Two days ago the girls played nicely together "at the beach" literally all day!!
 First it was just bouncing on the bed, and jumping into the water.  Crawling - I mean swimming- on the floor (water) and doing it again and again.
 Then of course they had to have the proper attire.  Maya got her swiming suit on (and we don't have our temparature in our house set high - she is just always warm) and Katie went out to the van to get mommy and daddy's sunglasses.
 They also asked for an umbrella, but I nixed that idea, so back to bouncing they went.
 My cute little girl showing off her shades.
 Then on to prepare a picnic for the Wiggles (apparently they were coming to our house to have a beach picnic with the girls).  Notice all the red and brown pieces on the checker board - that's the fire.  Katie spend a long time taping blue, green, and white game pieces to pick-up-sticks (as fish, apples and marshmallows) to roast over the fire

Then mid morning the snack shop opened and the girls had some fruit & cookies from mommy's kitchen

  All the while I was still catching up on 15 loads of laundry after the volunteer retreat at the mission so after I got back from putting some of the clean laundry back over to the mission center I came back and found that the girls had gotten into the storage room under the stairs, found flip flops for Maya and sandals for Katie as well as their camping chairs.  They had the chairs set up around the "campfire" and were munching on something. 
After closer investigation I discovered that they had climbed onto the counter in the kitchen, found social tea cookies and from the top shelf of my top cupboards they snatched a bag of marshmallows.  Since "they couldn't find chocolate that was flat" they decided to make their smores without the chocolate.  They were so creative, imaginative and cooperating with each other that I just couldn't give them trouble for getting into my goodie cupboard.
 After lunch the girls went back to the beach, but got dressed up as princesses first.  Again they played for most of the afternoon there.  (They had Jeff's alarm radio blaring most of the time to set the mood - I guess)
Next time I checked on them they took the princess diva another step further by getting inot my jewellery and MAKE UP.  this picture doesn't show it very well, but they both used lipstick, eye shadow and Katie used lipliner to paint her fingernails.  They grow up so fast.  I told them next time they want make up they have to ask and I can either do their make up, or I give them some that they can use.  No more helping themselves!!
And then cleaning up!  They totally trashed our bedroom, but it was a day of entertainment to them and I needed to change our bedding anyway.  So I'm not at all complaining, I'm just shaking my head still at my girls.


 On Saturday we had another beautiful late winter/early early spring day so we made good on our promise and had a campfire with the girls.  We packed homemade bread, Speck (bacon) from Mueti, hotdogs, fixings for smores and some veggies.
Katie and Maya took turns helping me gather firewood and just sitting on their camping chairs munching some fishy crackers.  (Most of them they ended up "feeding to the foxes" by laying down trails for the wildlife.


Jeff started the fire with just a flint and some grasses, etc he found around the bush (and a small pc of papertowel).  I am so proud to have such a handy and fire savy hubby.  (Those who know me, know that I'm a bit of a pyro - so anything fire is fun for me:)

 And on we move to bigger pieces of wood
 ... and a perfect little campfire in the middle of a snow covered bush.  Brings back many memories of cookouts while I was growing up.  We all had so much fun and we definitely want to keep on making special memories like that with our girls.

Nothing tastes like home smoked Speck cooked over an open fire.  Thank you again Mueti for your work in getting the bacon cured/salted and smoked.  Next time you'll have to come along.  Maybe we can have a cookout at the Waldkafi next week??? 
And of course you have to have a face to prove that we ate fire-cooked food.  Nothing like a little burnt hotdog, ashes and sticky smores on a kid's face to say "What a great supper!"
We wish you all a wonderful week, and now that I've figured out how to get the pictures to load better there's hoping there will be a post again before too long.
Many blessings to all.


  1. This is such a beautiful post Ursi!!
    The campfire looks great! :D smoked Speck cooked over an open fire... ahhhh :):) yammmmmii!! :)
    We got a dump of snow yesterday ... kind of awkward having snow here at the end of march ;D
    blessings to you too!

  2. Oh, my goodness, sis, i can't get over how much maya looks like you in the picture where she's laying on her belly with the sunglasses on.

  3. aww its so nice to see you guys! i love katies hair cut! it's cute. i love the creative play, what fun that is....we just have to keep up on them to make sure they dont blow the house up, oops that would be nate! hahaha...i have to agree with chris, KATIE looks like you..haha. glad to see you are all well! and i love your sweater usri. haha. we have the same one. i love that store it's my mommy teacher look. baggie sweaters and tights/leggings=comfort!